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Coopération Féminine & GLIF

The Cooperation Feminine is an association of volunteer Jewish women in France and is affiliated with the Fonds Social Juif Unifié (FSJU)

The Cooperation Feminine is involved in social, cultural and educational fields.

Our main activities are: 

- Visits to lonely seniors 

- Visits to prisoners in Paris area prisons

- Help for children with learning difficulties 

- Help for families with mentally and physically handicapped problems

- ESAT: workshops for handicapped people

- Helpline for abused women to call and speak to a group of volunteer women and receive support and guidance in a confidential way.

- Helpline where unemployed persons can receive support and guidance and Forum for employment allowing them to meet prospective employers.

-Jardin des Roos: an open space where families and young children have the opportunity to meet and spend time with volunteers and ,if needed, psychologists of the Cooperation Feminine. It also offers different workshops for children in music, painting, and reading. 

The Cooperation Feminine has branches in Paris and its suburbs which provide many cultural activities for its members, such as lectures, theater, trips and more.

Address: Centre Rachi39 rue Broca 75005 Paris (France)
Tel: + 33.1 42 17 10 90
Fax: + 33 1 42 17 10 89
President: Mrs Evelyne Berdugo