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annual report, march 2013

Report of the Bulgarian   Council of Jewish Women
March 2012 – March 2013 
On March 10, 2013 the Bulgarian society celebrated the 70th anniversary of the unique for Europe fact of the survival of  48 000 Bulgarian Jews. Together with this fact, the Jewish community and the Bulgarian society gave respect to the memory of the Jews from  Tracie and Former Yugoslavia. 
These events influenced our activities during the past year and the month to come. 
1.     Traditionally, the members of our council participate in all charitable events, organized by the Jewish community:
-         15 – 20  women were visiting disable and elderly people in there homes with traditional food and presents for Rosh ha shana, Hanukah, Tu be shvat, Purim, Pesah and Shavuot. A very important part of the visits are the warm conversations and sharing. The coffee and the tea taken together, allow us to understand the individual needs of every body, which is very useful for our social system”
-         Our members participated very actively in organizing and realizing the Hanukah charitable bazaar of the Jewish community. All the families in need got clothes. The collected money were donated by the Jewish community for medical treatment of a baby in Israel.
-         Traditionally every year on the second day of Rosh ha shana we realize the TASHLIh together
2.     The Council organized an introduction of a book by Zivka Hazan – a member of Golden Age club, dedicated to the life of the elderly people in our community.
3  Our member Rina Zaharieva participated the seminar in Berlin
4. In June we organized the traditional summer seminar of our Council of Jewish Women, together with women’s club ROSH HODESH. Judaism, history of the Bulgarian Jewry, famous Jewish musicians and artists are the traditional topics of this seminar. Liliane Seidman was our honorable guest, who gave us a lecture on the life the Belgium Jews. More details for the seminar are published in sight of the ICJW. 
    5. The 70 anniversary of the survival of the Bulgarian Jewry was the high lights of our activities:
- participation in the commemoration of Dimitar Peshev, vice president of the national Assembly in 1943 in his native city Kustedil;
- participation in memorial ceremony in the central synagogue;
- participation in opening of a monument in memory the survived and those who perished;
  - participation in the ceremony in the city of LOM, from were the barges left. 
6. Because of the vital role of the Bulgarian Orthodox church in the rescue of the Bulgarian Jewry, we decided to give help to an orphanage sustained by an orthodox priest.  Nevertheless the very critical financial situation of our members /Bulgaria is the poorest country in the European Union/ we bought 15 sets of bed linen and coverlets. Plus 15 pairs of jeans, notebooks , pens, markers etc., given by the vendors, who wanted to be part of our idea. 
Lika Eshkenazy