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national council of jewish women of canada report -march 2013

Our AGM and Strategic Planning Day occurred just prior to the ICJW Executive meeting. At our strategic planning day we identified crucial issues which needed immediate attention in order for us to go forward as a vibrant Jewish women’s organization in Canada. It was interesting to see and participate in the ICJW strategic planning exercise as it in a similar manner mirrored our deliberations. The Executive and Section Presidents on our Board have had ongoing conversations about first three of identified topics which need attention. We have addressed: Who We Are; Board Composition and our relationship to A.L.U.M.A-the Israeli Family Counselling Association that we have financially supported for over 20 years. 
All our Sections have received information about human trafficking and direction for action. Relationships in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver are being built with other organizations dedicated to eradicate this form of slavery. I live in Calgary Alberta, which currently has life members but no active group/section. However, NCJWC is becoming known in Calgary as a supporter of the fight against human trafficking.  In collaborating with the Temple and the Na’amat group I have delivered the human trafficking message. Links have been established between NCJWC and the Alberta Coalition to End Trafficking and with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Human Trafficking Awareness program. 
All our Sections have programs dedicated to the support of women and children. Recently, Winnipeg Section has held seminars on women’s health issues. The ‘Books For Kids’ program has spread from Vancouver eastward to Toronto. BFK is only one portion of the literacy platform subscribed to by National Council. 
It is with pride and sadness that I tell you that the Toronto Section just finished their Peasach Food Drive, supporting more than 2,500 family units. Statistically, one in six Canadian Jewish household is in poverty. Our mandate for children, women, families and seniors consistently provides goods and services where there is a gap in provision provided by government and other agencies. 
We are renewing our relationship with A.LU.M.A., an Israeli counselling centre, by choosing one of their specific programs, to provide sponsorship. This is in accordance to the new government regulations that are coming on-stream in 2014. At this time much energy is being devoted on a National level to ensure that we comply with all the regulations, which include Board structure.
New leaders are beginning to come forward to council positions, bring with them fresh ideas. This is really an exciting time for National Council of Jewish Women of Canada. 

Respectfully yours,
Marni Besser, President
National Council of Jewish Women of Canada