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may 2013 update

The Council of Womens Organizations in Israel is active on a number of issues of topical concern. 
I.  Cooperation with Committees at the Parliament:
1. Gender Budgeting: "If you want to see which way a country is headed, look at the country's budget and how it allocates resources for women and children."
2. The Law for Pregnant Working Women – Fertility Treatments
3. Call to include women into the Appointing Committee of the Rabbinical Court
4. Equal opportunities in the field of employment
5. Help and treatment for raped women
6. Surrogacy
7. Sexual harassment at the work
8. Lack of space at the Maagan shelter for abused victims of trafficking in persons
9. Israel qualified for a Tier 1 classification, the highest accorded by the
    State  Department in the matter of human trafficking.
10. Seminar on the homeland’s culture of the trafficking in persons victims
11. Professional education for prostitution survivors
12. Encouragement to work for mothers of small children by building more
      day care centers
13. Adapting working spaces to suit women
14. Treatment for sects’ injured women
15. Empowerment of single mothers
16. Tax improvement for married couples working together
II.  Other activities:
  1. Cooperation with OR Yarok (Green Light) for safer driving in Israel
  2. Participations at the 2013 Annual Jasmine Conference of Jewish and ArabWomen owned small businesses.
  3. International Women’s Day – at the President of Israel’s Residence honoring prominent Israeli women writers
  4. Change of the guards – February 2013 - 2015 new leadership of CWOI by WIZO Israel. President – Gila Oshrat.
  5. Participation at the GA of the ECICW in The Hague Netherland
  6. Participation at the Seminar: Resolution 1325 + NAP 2 in The Hague, Netherlands

Respectfully submitted by Aviva Kohlmann - CWOI
ICJW Vice President for Israel