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community service report 2013

In Victoria the Empowering Single Jewish Women and Effective Relationship programs assist women who have become ostracized from the mainstream Jewish community and need to regain confidence in their relationship skills.   Seniors clubs, computer classes, discussion groups and bridge continue to engage isolated community members.   Caring Mums(also known as Mum for Mum) has expanded and is offered in two of our Sections. It offers free, in home support for up to the first twelve months of a baby’s life. Volunteers support all our programs including packing and distributing cosmetics to women in need on Mitzvah Day.   In WA they participate in a community blood drive and arrange a concert in an Aged Care facility.

In small Sections NCJWA volunteers participate in community activities.

In some Sections food baskets are distributed at Pesach, and home made honey cakes distributed to the Aged Care facilities at Rosh Hashana.   Sewing shrouds is also done by volunteers.   

A number of Sections support Pink Sunday,  and also partake in a program called Books Out Loud which engages senior citizens in the Aged Care facilities in reading and discussion.

In NSW volunteers visit the sick in Hospital and provide transport to Council members residing in the Montefiore Home.