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the status of jewish women in france

The Cooperation Feminine, together with the ICJW French Team, is preparing a conference to be held in March 2014 with regards to the status of Jewish Women and their place in the Jewish French Community.
The conference will highlight the numerous discriminations that Jewish women face from the majority of the Rabbis in name of the Halacha, such as differences in teaching of Jewish studies in Jewish schools and in Talmud Thora schools, where boys and girls do not have the same programs , difficulties faced by women who want to study religious matters . They will also discuss the difficult problem of religious divorce, and the fact that women are not really accepted in the Jewish Institutions because of they are women.

The conference will compare the French situation with what is going on in Israel, in the USA, and in other European countries. French-speaking members of other ICJW affiliates will be invited to participate.