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events at esther's house

Dr. Katalin Pesci-Pollner, President, reports on activities of the Esther's House Association in Hungary.

  • Organizing a reading club on Jewish & women’s & Jewish women’s book for our members
  • Meeting once a month, the list of books for the academic year chosen together at the first meeting in September. (August-September and on).
  • Giving a public lecture on the women’s voices of Holocaust survivors at the “Open forum” in Liberty Square. (September)
  • Attending / giving lectures at a conference on the Holocaust in Hungary (Anniversary year of 7O) (October)
  • Organizing the traveling exhibition “Sticking together” at the Chapel of Wesley College during the conference “From Kamanietzk-Podolsky to Auschwitz” (September-October)
  • Giving an opening speech on the opening of exhibition “Sticking together” – for an international audience, during From Kamanietzk-Podolsky to Auschwitz (October)
  • Attending a radio program on Jewish women in the (only) independent radio chanel: Klub radio. (October)
  • A talk on the fate of local Jewish people / families during the Holocaust, at the opening an exhibition in the city museum, in Szombathely . (October)
  • A round table discussion on the first woman rabbi, Regina Jonas with members of Esthers’House Association film director Diana Groó and Rabbi Katalin Kelemen, during a social-psychological program, in the city Pécs . (October-November)
  • A lecture on the Zionist rescuing activities of Jewish women in 1944-’45 in Budapest, at the memorial conference on the Holocaust in the city of Győr. (October)
  • Women’s Leadership- Preparing our training for Jewish women to be held from November 19-22nd