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report on 2014 events

Report by ALICE VESELÁ, ICJW Vice President, Czech Republic

You all know what for us was the most important activity in the last 6 months of this year. It was undoubtedly the realization of the 22nd ICJW Convention 2014 in Prague. This event had a special meaning for us. First, you have to prove that even a small affiliate is able to organize such a big event, although at a much greater effort and a completely different way than large and financially more secure affiliate. 

The event was for us even more sense. We proved, that our affiliate is not just a group of girls which meet for coffee, but a viable organization. The convention helped us visualize and imagine us in the Czech society. As a result, we gained a new different members, active and young.

In addition, we received cooperation with Czech organizations with similar aims as ICJW. 
We have intensified cooperation with the Foundation for Holocaust Victims (, Jewish Museum of Prague ( and our Jewish Community (

We have extended our cooperation with the Czech branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (, which is, like ICJW, supporting Israel and fighting against racial and ethnic intolerance. ICEJ is a nationally recognized organization in the country. We enjoy working with them.

We met company School Information Channel that educates on human rights in primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic ( We started a cooperation with them.

We continue to work with organization Prix Irene of Helena Klimova on the project Families after the Holocaust. We are co-organizing a three-day conference in Prague also this year October 24 to 26.

We see for most consider the newly launched collaboration with Amnesty International - AI CZ ( We have a joint program with them. Their volunteers and activists are monitoring the human rights situation, providing support to asylum seekers, promote the protection of women seeking to eliminate discrimination, systemic changes in law and practice. We meet them today, more information we will have in NYC.