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news update 2014


Union of Jewish women in Croatia is umbrella organization with Affiliates from Jewish community in Zagreb, Split, Osijek and Rijeka. In smaller communities Jewish women activist play important role and are connected with Union.

In January each year Union of Jewish women in Croatia organize annual meeting with presidents of Affiliates and on agenda are reports, programs of activities and joint actions.
We made, this year, additional special reports connected with the ICJW Conference in Prag, with lectures, distribution of material , discussion and conclusions.

This summer we organized participation of Jewish women organization from Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek on the World convention of Holocaust survivors in Berlin 2014, The reason is that our organizations are very active in helping Holocaust survivors, organizing network, hot line, supervision for distribution of humanitarian funds, organizing “bazaar” with donation and now helping realization of the new approved Claims fund “Lost childhood”.

In October we will be co-organization of the big conference of Jewish women organization from Ex-Yugoslavia ( Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina..) which will be held in Subotica on 7-9 November. Dr. Melita Švob will have two lectures: “International activities of Jewish women organizations” (with reference to the important role of ICJW) and “ Contribution of Women organization with social activities in the economical crisis”.
Today Jewish women have cultural, educational and research activities and organize lectures, gatherings, recreation, workshops , symposia, seminars, training, keeping memory about Holocaust.

This year we continue with our activities:

  • Regular meeting of Organization- at least once on months
  • Lectures and presentation
  • Organization of computer workshop for elderly ( with professional teacher) and Internet café,
  • Organization of recreation (gymnastic) in community), with professional., twice a week
  • Organization of gathering (7 days) with cultural and recreational program In Opatija on Adriatic seaside (Café Europe Program)
  • Organization of social network
  • We established new important activity
  • New election of president of Jewish women organization in Zagreb ( dr. Sida Steiner-Ozmo, Rijeka ( Rina Brumini) , Split ( Maja Gorjan) and Osijek
  • “Literate club” which start to organize just retired director of public library in Zagreb. Narcisa Potežica- Participants are, besides members, also writers, publisher, lectors etc.
  • “Meet the rabbi”- with lectures of rabbi Luciano Moshe Prelević
  • News-Anti-Semitism in Europe today ( lectures dr. Melita Švob)
  • Organization of humanitarian actions –bazaar
  • Closer cooperation with other communities – visit community ( this year Kladovo in Serbia, Tuzla in Bosnia, Budva in Monte-Negro, Osijek in Croatia,
  • Invitation with lectures from Hungary, Subotica, Čakovec, Rijeka, Split, Osijek.
  • Organizarion of education about Human rights and Holocaust
  • Participation in research projects