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cooperation feminine report for 2014

Report from Elisabeth Birene, Vice-President of ICJW for France:

The ICJW Team inside the Coopération Féminine comprises 11 members totally dedicated to ICJW. We hold monthly meetings, during which we deal on ICJW and Unesco matters. 

Our big project for the coming spring is to organize an event of a whole day, which topics will cover all the aspects of Jewish Family Life, starting with birth, treating Bar and Bat Mitzva, marriage, get and all the modern aspects of the Jewish Family. We shall invite the new French Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia and we hope to get a large audience and a big success.

Our Jardin des Roos , created by the Coopération Féminine and dedicated to young children and their families (following the concept of the Green House developed by Françoise Dolto) will celebrate its 4th anniversary in December. Our team is composed of 20 volunteers aged from 20 to 85, among whom 11 are psychologists, the 9 other having their own speciality. 

During the year 2013, we have received 2,000 children having diverse social and cultural backgrounds. It is a place of great tolerance and peace, free of racism and antisemitism .We offer painting workshops to children over 15 months, and music workshops to babies over 2 months . These workshops are run by art therapists, who focus more on the parent-child relation than the learning of arts.The place is located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, a popular neighbourhood, where it is well known.

Coopération Feminine will organize a big sale on December 7th. We hope to raise money for all our activities.

We are making a big campaign to recruit new members.

Report on the activities of NOA OSER LE DIRE.

Noa Oser le Dire is the help line for Jewish Women, who are victims of domestic violence. It was created in 2007 by the Cooperation Feminine along with WIZO and other Jewish organizations. It has been very busy during the year. Some members of the Team have left for personal reasons but they have been replaced by new volunteers, who have started their activity after a period of training and are very much devoted to their job.

Noa Oser le Dire is now well known in the Jewish community by means of interviews on the Jewish radios and magazines and of conferences given by its President or by its members in several synagogues and Jewish associations in Paris and its suburbs.

The line is open every day, from Monday to Thursday, from 10 AM to 4 PM. After an interruption during the August vacations, it has resumed its activity and received a substantial number of calls.It is the only Helpline totally at the disposal of the Jewish community.