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thea zucker z'l - a great lady has left us

We were all deeply grieved at the passing of that great lady Thea Zucker on May 21.

She had been for decades a prominent personality in Antwerpen, respected and admired.
She was passionate about Klal Israel, and worked untiredly both for the good of the State of Israel, and that of the Jewish Community. 

As the founding President of the Belgian Council of Jewish Women, she brought us into ICJW, the INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF JEWISH WOMEN. For years Thea and I alternated as head of the Belgian affiliate. She was my role model and my mentor.

For some half-century she was a pillar of ICJW, holding various positions, including that of European Chair. She was always of good counsel, with a clear vision of "what was good for the Jews".

She was involved for many years with the Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was a member of the Board of Governors. She was also active in Interfaith contacts and, very early, before it became fashionable, insisted on the importance of dialogue with the Moslem community.

She was a staunch and loyal friend, who could be counted on in times of adversity.
She was vouchsafed to have her children, grand-children and great-great-children with her for her 95th birthday.

We already miss her.

Eliane Sperling-Levin, ICJW Life Member