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latin american jewish congress july 2015

The Latin American Jewish Congress met in Buenos Aires on July 16-17 to commemorate the 21st Anniversary of the terrorist attack to the AMIA.

ICJW was represented by Mirta Goldflus and Mónica Rozenbaum. There were also delegates from the Jewish Community of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Panamá, Bolivia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

In his opening remarks, Jack Terpins, President of the LAJC said “we are gathering here in Buenos Aires to support the Argentinean Jewish Community, the AMIA and the DAIA in their permanent call for justice”.

Mr. Robert Singer, CEO of the World Jewish Congress, conveyed a clear message of what is the present and future role of the Jewish community leaders, and informed about the different issues the WJC is addressing now, as well as the different programs they have.

On the first day we had the privilege to listen to outstanding speakers about ISIS, a new threat, and to the experience of Sister Maria de Guadalupe Rodrigo who arrived to Syria six months before the war started, and lived in Aleppo for five years.

The next subject was new challenges for the Jewish Communities – New Strategies, with the moving testimony of the mother of one of the victims of the bombing, Mrs. Sofia Guterman, and a very thorough analysis of what is going on.

The next day, there was a public gathering in front of the AMIA, where the principal speaker was Mr. Ariel Cohen Sabban, LAJC treasurer. He said “We cannot negotiate with the murderers, legally and morally we cannot have an agreement with murderers”, and he was referring to the Memorandum that the Argentinean Government signed with Iran to investigate the 1994 terrorist attack.

The mother and the older daughter of Attorney Alberto Nissman, victim number 86, as he is called, were also present. A very moving letter, written by his daughter Iara was read, and said “We ask you all to join us and help us find the truth of what happened to my dad”

Once again ICJW was there to support the Argentinean community in their request for justice and truth, so that this terrible attack, as well as the one against the Embassy of Israel two years before, will not go unpunished.