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2016 report from icjw prague


ICJW Prague is a member of the HATE FREE CULTURE

Hate Free is an initiative of people who strive for a life free of violence and hatred. Although we are aware of the complexity of coexistence, tolerance and respect, we are convinced of the existence of a rational, creative and innovative ways to improve them. Living in fear and hatred does not bring anything positive. HateFree Culture offers the opportunity to look at things from different angles, to find solutions to others and above all create and share what matters.

Hate Free bring and share information, provide space stories of victims (but also attackers) of hate crimes. We strive to connect and visibility of other initiatives. Disproves rumors and hateful prejudices against different groups. Finally, we have a platform where you concentrate your ideas, creativity and opinions. Because every activity counts.

Hate Free is bringing verified information from credible sources. The hatred we are trying to fight creativity, substantiated arguments, without moralizing, dogma, ideology, with detachment and often with humor.

HF has a strong background of the Government Office and the expertise of the Agency for Social Inclusion. The team is also largely made up of people who have experienced violence and hatred firsthand. On this sensitive and often controversial topic for a dialogue, not just be silent and sit idly. It is made clear to victims that it not themselves, and show that violence and hatred no place in our society.

Hate Free has 3700 members in the Czech Republic.

ICJW Prague is going to be a partner of the project CIVILIST AT WAR

The theme of this international Czech-Israeli project is the charting of the situation of the civilian population affected by wars and armed conflicts of our age. Our goal is to explore how this terrifying reality observes people's daily lives, but also its impact on the mental health professionals and volunteers who are these people trying to help.

War in the Ukraine, Africa or the Middle East, terrorist attacks in several countries, the consequences of the civil war in the Balkans - all this casts a shadow on the optimism accompanying the disintegration of the old totalitarian regimes and social hope of prosperity in these areas.

The aim of this project is to create a space for sharing human and professional experience based on the reality of war. This makes it easier to handle the resulting emotions, mutually encourage and strengthen the hard work and shared experience turned into a common source of knowledge and inspiration. It heppend October 21-23, 2016 in Prague.

ICJW Prague is together with the Jewish Community Prague organizing a symposium:
The future of synagogue music - for professional and aspiring service leaders
November 17 – 20, 2016 in Prague The 4 days intensive programme with the world’s outstanding teachers is devoted to the traditional modes and melodies of the synagogue in the Ashkenazi tradition