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cami 2011 activities update

In 2011 the Consejo Argentino De Mujeres Israelitas (CAMI) presented awards for "Women of Yesterday and Today", to recognize members who have volunteered at CAMI – some of them for 30 years.

In a joint project with the Social Action Department in collaboration with the Foundation Cherry Breitman and with the support of the City of Buenos Aires, CAMI organized the first integrated exhibition of paintings by artists with learning disabilities and works by very important painters, at the Luis Perlotti Museum of Sculpture.

To mark Children's Day in Argentina, the CAMI Board Committee coordinated by Elisa Leibachoff organized their annual collection of toys, clothes, school equipment and non-perishable food products for delivery to children on the cancer wards of 5 public hospitals. They also participate in the collection of unwanted medicines to give to low-income individuals and support centers.

At a recent event organized by MAAIAN, the women's wing of Keren Kayemet Le Israel in Argentina, ICJW representative Cherry Breitman was invited to join a panel of women to discuss female solidarity and to launch the Forest of the Jewish Women of Argentina, in Israel. 

Following the agenda proposed by ICJW, CAMI arranged a conference on "Gender Violence", together with the Department of Social Action, and organized participatory meetings with themes of open societies and multi-cultural links, the challenge of restructuring the future to achieve our goals, and the key to being happy.