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ncjwa community service report 2011

The following is a round-up of NCJWA Community Service projects during 2011:

NCJWA Victoria has its own sponsored community bus to ensure that seniors in the community are picked up regularly from their homes to enable them to play cards,  bingo,  socialize and enjoy a hearty lunch at their Seniors Clubs. They organize a lively weekly current affairs discussion group and computer classes for seniors in our community, enabling them to communicate with their family and friends and use the internet, opening up a whole world to them.  The Golden Age Clubs support isolated elderly Russian immigrants, bringing them music, food, Yiddishkeit, and celebrate all the major festivals.  The "Books Out Loud" program is enjoyed not only by the residents of Aged Care facilities, but also the volunteers who read to them. The Oppe Shop is thriving, selling anything from new shoes to well-loved clothes, books and household items. 

NCJW Victoria has launched a pilot program called"Mum for Mum", supporting young mums who may be socially isolated.  The very successful program "Empowering Single Women" offers women support following relationship breakdowns, helping them to manage the emotional upheaval post separation. 

A community meeting was held with approximately 80 Indian Jewish family members who wish to immerse themselves in the Jewish community in Melbourne.  There was interest in our programs and how best to further the contact, given that they do not live close to the Jewish area.  

NCJWA New South Wales runs "Mum for Mum", an ongoing program that matches trained and supervised volunteers with mothers of newborns who have little or no family support during their first year of motherhood. The service is free and non denominational and has grown through ongoing referrals from The Royal Hospital for Women and early development centres. Over 100 mothers from 15 diverse cultures and faiths have enjoyed the benefit of this program, and it has also generated a great intake of volunteer members.

As a result of this program,  NCJWA(NSW) is also involved in partnering with "Wee Share", an initiative which organises the distribution of excellent quality second-hand toys and clothing to both Jewish and non-Jewish families in need.

Through their collaboration with the Shalom Institute and the co-hosting of the Gamarada Art Exhibition at Fanny Reading Council House for ten days in September, NCJWA(NSW) will be able to provide a scholarship for an indigenous female medical student in 2012.

NCJWA Western Australia provides assistance to families in need, delivering food parcels to several families at different times of the year.  One of their members came up with the idea of participating in a regular weekly stall at a market which has been running for about two years, and a Food Bank has also been set up at the Jewish community centre and the local Jewish day school thanks to her initiative. Many members are involved and it has encouraged others from different areas of the community to work together. All the funds go to help families, single parent families, the elderly and many more.