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women's rights limitations in israel

Rina Wasserman, President of the Council of Women's Organizations in Israel, says we should not ignore the phenomenon of women rights' limitations, which are trying to take women back to the Dark Ages. She notes that Israeli Ministers and Members of the Knesset are very much aware of and worried about this situation, but points out that there is a huge gap between what the majority of women in Israel experience concerning their active involvement in the public space and what appears as scoops in the media.
On the 16.11.2011, the Committee of the Status of Women in the Knesset, headed by MP Tzipi Hotobeli, held a debate on the subject of exclusion of women from the public space in Israel. MP Issac Herzog proposed a bill to introduce in the criminal law prison punishments to anybody who violates the equal public rights of women.
On the 28.11 2011, Limor Livnat, Minister of Culture and Sports and Chairperson of Ministerial Committee on the Advancement of Status of Women, condemned the attempt to exclude women from various public spaces saying:
“In the last few years there has been, as it were, progress in the Status of Women in Israeli society. There are more women in the Knesset, more women in senior management positions. But with every step forward, we take a large step backwards. There is a worrisome deterioration in the Status of Women in the public place. The exclusion of women is a type of violence against women. Where women are excluded, physical and verbal violence against women grows, as does the legitimization to attack, embarrass and humiliate."

Livnat called for the active enforcement of laws protecting women’s rights and equality. She said she will convene a special session of the Committee she heads to discuss the issue at greater length.