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undp pledges support for georgia

United Nations Under-Secretary-General and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Associate Administrator Rebeca Grynspan wrapped up her 2-day visit to Georgia with the statement reiterating UNDP's continued support to democratic transformation of the country. 
At the meeting with Chairperson of the Parliament David Bakradze, Rebeca Grynspan stressed UNDP's excellent cooperation with the Georgian Government and national counterparts, and welcomed the initiatives that create more opportunities for the vulnerable and help reduce poverty and inequality. 
"The parliamentary and presidential elections in Georgia are an opportunity to reinforce democratic achievements. I was very pleased to receive the assurance from Parliament Speaker David Bakradze that the elections will be free, fair and transparent," she said.
As part of their visit, Rebeca Grynspan and Kori Udovički, Assistant Secretary-General, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director of the Regional Bureau for Europe and CIS, met with senior government officials, representatives of donor agencies, diplomatic missions, civil society and international organizations.
Rebeca Grynspan welcomed the efforts of the Georgian Government in the areas of regional development, local self-governance, gender-related legislation and the empowerment of women.She also noted climate change initiatives, including public awareness and educational campaigns. She stressed that UNDP remains committed to help Georgia overcome remaining concerns and challenges.
On 28 January, Rebeca Grynspan visited a multi-functional mental health facility in Tbilisi which pilots the newly introduced system of care and a professional college in the region of Kakheti.
In Kakheti, she talked to local authorities, students and teachers of the college, and farmers who receive professional consultation from the UNDP-supported agriculture extension service.
"UNDP is part of Georgia's success in many areas as a longstanding supporter of democratic reforms and sustainable economic development. We will contribute to addressing social, economic and environmental needs of people and communities in Georgia," Rebeca Grynspan said.
Rebeca Grynspan visited Georgia on 27 and 28 January 2012. This was her first official visit to Georgia as UNDP Associate Administrator. Rebeca Grynspan is the former Vice-President of Costa Rica.
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