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european chairwoman attends annual conference

Liliane Seidman, Chairwoman of the European Region of ICJW, visited the Bulgarian Council of Jewish Women to participate in their annual closing event on June 16 -17, 2012 in a small place called Rudartzi, 17 km from Sofia and well known for its mineral springs. This is the annual meeting of the educational Rosh Hodesh group of 30-35 middle-aged women. She found them to be highly educated - all the women have university degrees and many work as chemists, mathematicians, biologists and economists. 

The event program was very interesting and run by professional speakers and members of the group. An archeologist professor talked about the Romaniots, referring to the original Jews of the Byzantine Empire, who were neither Ashkenaze nor Sephardic but Romaniot Greek-speaking Jews.We learned about the history of 3 forgotten Bulgarian Jewish historians from a historian specializing in archives, and an art specialist talked about Modigliani, the scandalous painter. Liliane gave a lecture about the Jews in Belgium, especially in Antwerp and a presentation about ICJW.

Liliane enjoyed a wonderful interesting relaxing week-end in an open air resort area with a lot of music, dances and songs, and a lot of interaction with the Jewish women of Bulgaria.