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lobbying against anti-semitism

Danielle Obadia reports on the efforts of ICJW's French affiliate, the  Coopération Féminine, and its allied Jewish organizations to lobby the French Government about Anti-Semitism.

The CRIF, which is a council representing the Jewish Institutions (about 65)in France, acts and reacts continuously to the political power. I t relates the great concern that Jewish people feels towards the violent antisemitism and the delegitimization of Israel.

Richard Prasquier , the President of CRIF has met ,first, the President of the Republic, then the Minister of Home Affairs, Manuel Walls, and recently ,on July 16th, the Prime Minister Jean-Marc Heyrault. 

At the head of a delégation  of CRIF, R .Prasquier informed the Prime Minister ,in case of necessary actions would not be taken to deeply struggle against anti-semitism in France,french, jewish citizens would probably leave the country where they were born.

The Prime Minister stated that "the governement is aware of the issue of antisemitism and will not tolerate any abuse." He has asked a member of the ministry to make proposals to the governement about a series of educationnal steps.

François Hollande and Jean-Marc Heyrault both attended the commemoration ceremony of the Vel d'Hiv, where the Jews of Paris were interned in 1942, on Sunday 22 July. Representatives of the  Coopération Féminine also attended - click here to read their report.