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icjw president visits brazil

In August 2012 LIGA Brazil hosted its first visit by Sharon Gustafson, the President of the International Council of Jewish Women, of which LIGA Brazil has been a member for the last 53 years.
In addition to participating in the LIGA annual fundraising luncheon at the Copacabana Palace Hotel, Mrs. Gustafson visited ARI at the invitation of Rabbi Dario Bialer. Mrs. Gustafson spoke from the bimah about “Jewish Woman in a Pluralistic and EgalBrazil Sharon.jpgitarian Society” on the Sabbath service, Friday evening.
On Monday, the President of LIGA, Berta Kac took the opportunity of Mrs. Gustafson’s visit to Brazil to invite officers of other Jewish institutions to a meeting at the LIGA office in Rio de Janeiro.  Present at this meeting were the Presidents of Froien Farain; Home of the Children of Israel; Wizo Rio and Brazil; RAI; Na’amat Pioneers; and Mrs. Sarita Shaffel, President of the Israelite Federation of Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of this meeting was to exchange ideas between all the organizations. The women at the gathering had a pleasant chat and a frank exchange of opinions which was of great importance to all who attended.
Mrs. Gustafson, a California resident, explained how Jewish institutions around the world and in the United States struggle with the same issues as the Jewish institutions in Brazil. The topics discussed were varied, ranging from support for the State of Israel to the role of women in the diaspora. The main theme of the meeting was the need to unite the women in the Jewish community of Rio de Janeiro.
LIGA Brazil requested all those present at the meeting to develop a closer relationship with eachother and follow the LIGA’s message to “Do your part with us.” A continuing dialog between all the Jewish community organizations is essential if we are to be able to work together to find solutions to the problems facing Jewish women in Brazil and around the world. We left this delightful meeting with the knowledge that LIGA Brazil deserves not only accolades, but continuity to take it into the future.
LIGA Brazil, as well as all the other Jewish organizations, has a role to play in the community. We found several points of commonality that all our leadership agreed upon which include solidarity, unity, charity, love and work. Because we are Jewish women, we also identify ourselves with the same ideals of Tikum Olam.