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representing georgia in the u.s.

Marine Solomonishvili, President of the LEA International Foundation, ICJW's affiliate in Georgia, has been invited to represent her country at two major academic symposia in the U.S., sponsored by  the International Center for Law and Religion Studies.  

Marine is attending Georgetown University's International Center for Law and Religion Studies' 19th Annual Symposium on "Religion, Democracy, and Civil Society" in October 2012 in Provo, Utah, and in Georgetown University in Washington. Over 75 experts – including government and religious leaders as well as leading academics, from the United States and more than 40 other countries – will meet in plenary and breakout sessions to consider the theme "Religion, Democracy, and Civil Society" by speaking to such topics as Religious Organizations, Civil Society, and Pluralism; The Role of Religion in Democratic Transformation; and Religion in Public and Private.

Marine is the sole representative from Georgia, and there are representatives from three other Former Soviet Union countries: Armenia, the Ukraine and Russia.