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fighting state anti-semitism

Members of the Esther’s House Association, ICJW’s affiliate in Hungary, have joined local Jewish organizations and other groups to protest the statement made on November 26, 2012, in the Hungarian Parliament by Marton Gyongyosi of the Jobbik party. He said: "It is high time to search out all Jews in government and in the Parliament as they represent a national security risk…"

While subsequent to that session of Parliament various members of the Hungarian government have rejected the statement, it is significant that when the statement was made in that Parliamentary Chamber no other Member of Parliament voiced their objection.

In their statement, a spokeswoman for Esther’s House said: “Anti-Semitism which has always been part of this society, and which a year ago was transferred into political anti-Semitism, has now been elevated into state anti-Semitism. When a member of the Hungarian Parliament suggested in Parliament that it is high time to search out all Jews in government as they represent a national security risk, no other MP responded apart from Zsolt Nemet, a Foreign Policy Secretary, who said that he can't support such 'research' because the issue of the number of Jewish people in government is not really connected to the weighty Middle-East conflict." 

Andor Schmuck of the Social Democratic Party said that this is the beginning of the end for Hungarian democracy, and called for every decent person to go to the parliament building wearing a yellow star. A protest was organized in front of the Hungarian Parliament on November 27 to protest thecontamination of the Hungarian Parliament with fascist ideology.