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holocaust remembrance in hungary

With Holocaust denial becoming acceptable in Hungary and the rise of the right-wing Jobik party, it is particularly important that International Holocaust Memorial Day is commemorated publicly in Hungary in 2013.

Katalin.jpgThe President of ICJW’s affiliate in Hungary, the Esther's House Association, Katalin Pecsi-Pollner has curated a travelling exhibition entitled "Sticking Together: Voices of Hungarian Holocaust Survivor Women" which opened in January 2013 at the Israeli Cultural Institute in Budapest. The opening was well-attended and Katalin was asked to appear on Hungarian TV to talk about the exhibition and associated events. These events, organized by Esther's House Association, include "The Voices of Survivor Women", "Women & Jewish - Women & Trauma", and "Women in the Jewish Resistance in Budapest in 1944-45", which will all feature as part of this year’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Budapest

The Exhibition "Sticking Together: Voices of Hungarian Holocaust Survivor Women" was arranged in cooperation with the International Auschwitz Committee and the Memorial of the German Resistance, Berlin, and it will be visible in Budapest until February 15, 2013.