ICJW and Oz Harvest Fight Food Waste

Do you have food in your kitchen that will probably end up in the bin? Did this happen last week as well? Take a look at the food in your fridge and the bread, potatoes and fruit in bowls or bags in the larder or on the table. Can you guarantee that all of it […]

Welcome from the ICJW President

Welcome to the new website of the International Council of Jewish Women. I hope that you found the information about our organisation that you were looking for. If not please contact us and and we will try to respond as soon as possible. Since being installed in May 2018 at the Quadrennial Convention held in […]

Tribute to June Jacobs

By Sharon Shenhav Saddened by the death of June Jacobs, Former President of ICJW, I wanted to share my memories of a 30 year friendship. As a friend, I would stop off in London on my travels from Israel to the US to stay at June’s London home and go to the theater with her.  […]

June Jacobs CBE

ICJW members around the world were very sad to hear of the passing of June Jacobs CBE, who served as President of the International Council of Jewish Women from 1996 – 2002. Penelope Conway, current President of ICJW, describes June as one of her major influences. “I served with June on the National Alliance of […]

Jewish Women Lawyers Join Forces

ICJW has created an international Jewish Women Lawyers Corps to provide free legal advisory services to Jewish women around the world who are experiencing legal difficulties. In appropriate cases, these volunteers will litigate cases involving infringement of women’s rights, in addition to lobbying and drafting legislation where necessary. Sharon Shenhav, J.D. has launched this project […]

ICJW at the International Council of Women

The European Centre of the International Council of Women held their Spring Meeting in London on June 30, 2018, to celebrate the centenary of women having the vote in the UK. Aviva Kohlman, ICJW’s representative on the International Council of Jewish Women, attended the meeting together with Penelope Conway, ICJW’s new president. During the three-day […]

Royal Interfaith Meeting in Belgium

Nadine Iarchy, chair of ICJW’s Interfaith and Intercultural Committee, attended a Round Table event at the Belgian Royal Palace on June 21, 2018. The King and Queen of Belgium invited women who are active in all the religions recognized in Belgium to attend, to discuss the position of women in their own faith groups in […]

Jewish NGO Project: UNRWA Textbooks

Joan Lurie, ICJW Representative to the UN in New York, reports on the meetings of the Jewish NGO caucus to discuss UNRWA textbooks at the UN during May 2018, and on her campaign to raise awareness on this issue with Ellen Fawer of Jewish Women International. At the London ICJW Executive Committee meeting in November, […]

Community Service Projects Around the World

The 2018 E-Links Community Service Newsletter has just been published, with news from affiliates around the world. Read about our community service projects run by Jewish women’s organizations from South Africa to Croatia, and from Hungary to Uruguay. In the spirit of Tikkun Olam,  ICJW affiliates are making a difference to the lives of thousands of […]

ICJW 2018 Resolutions

The International Council of Jewish Women, assembled in Sydney, Australia, at its Quadrennial Convention in May 2018, passed five resolutions about current events that are of concern to their members around the world. Sustainable Development Goals ICJW reaffirms its support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly as they pertain to women’s rights to […]