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ICJW's Anti-Trafficking Campaign

The International Council of Jewish Women has joined with STOP THE TRAFFIK, an international organization devoted to promoting anti-trafficking activities, in efforts to end human trafficking, a modern form of human slavery.

We invite you to download our brochures about abuses in the Chocolate Trade and theFashion Industry, join the ICJW Stop The Traffik campaignuse our sample letterand demand the end of human trafficking and slavery.  

No one should be bought or sold; no one should profit from human misery.  Human trafficking is, quite simply, to be deceived or taken against one’s will, bought, sold or transported into slavery, whether in your own country or across international borders.   Children and adults, men and women are all counted among the victims of Human Trafficking.   UNICEF reports that 1.2 million children are trafficked every year, occurring in every continent and involving every country in the world.  

It is estimated that human trafficking is the second most profitable “enterprise” in the world, profits exceeded only by those involved in drug trafficking.   It is feared that without concerted action to eliminate human trafficking it may soon become the MOST profitable “enterprise” in the world.

It is also true that our consumerism feeds trafficking!   How much to you know about the products you buy, where they are made, who makes them and under what conditions?  ICJW urges you to join us and our partner, STOP THE TRAFFIK in finding the answers to these questions.   And use that information to demand that among others, the chocolate trade and the garment industries become traffick-free.   sample letter for this effort is provided for your use.   Please encourage your friends, your associates, your members to follow your lead and take action today!

For more information about ICJW's work against trafficking, click here.

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