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Environment and Sustainable Development

ICJW believes that the nature of a massive urban society and technological developments cause the resulting environmental problems that endanger present and future generations and their supply of clean air, water, and adequate food. We understand that is the duty of every citizen and government to preserve the natural environment, holding it in trust as their children’s rightful heritage.

We believe that it is the right of all citizens that the safe use, transportation, and disposal of nuclear wastes should be safeguarded by their respective governments, and that strict safety standards should be adhered to for all uses of nuclear and chemical technology with safe disposal of toxic wastes.

ICJW's affiliates therefore appeal to their respective governments to work nationally and internationally for the protection and conservation of the environment and the protection of the world ecological balance, and to achieve sustainable development. They urge their governments to formulate policies to ensure the conservation of energy and develop new safe forms of energy; safe use, transportation, and disposal of nuclear wastes; adoption and strict enforcement of safety standards for all uses of nuclear and chemical technology, with safe disposal of toxic waste. They support the worldwide campaign for tree-planting to combat the global problem of deforestation, and assist in the protection of the environment for themselves and future generations.

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