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Human Rights

ICJW believes that the right to life and dignity of the human person is fundamental and that all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are indivisible and interdependent and are the basic condition for a just and peaceful world.   

We support the United Nations resolutions, pacts, goals and conventions designed to protect human rights and encourage governments around the world to support and implement them. We abhor the fact that conflicts reduce the quality of life for all people, women and children, in particular.

ICJW co-operates with national and international organisations working for goodwill among all peoples of the world and for equal rights for all humanity. Together we work to further the best and highest interests of humanity in the fields of international relations, government, social welfare and education. Our affiliates work with other individuals and organizations to promote all aspects of human rights, and in particular to uphold the rights of Jewish people throughout the world, and those of other people belonging to minorities, to assert their cultural, spiritual and religious values, and to educate in their tradition.