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icjw research prize


The ICJW Women’s Research Prize was launched in 2007 to honor a woman who is an early career researcher and who has made an outstanding contribution in original research on a topic that:

·    Advances an understanding of the role of Jewish women and their contribution as leaders in their communities and in Jewish society;

·    Addresses a way to improve the situation of Jewish women and analyzes their effectiveness  in the world; and/or

·    Evaluates the place of women within the predominantly male leadership structures in Jewish life.


Leah Aharonov, Past President of ICJW, who heads the Women's Research Prize committee, explains: “We know that there is much still to be learned about the role of Jewish women and fromthe role of Jewish women in Jewish life. The International Council of Jewish Women views this prize as a vehicle of recognition for those academics who have chosen to delve deeper into these topics, within the broader context of highlighting the significance and effectiveness of Jewish women within their communities.” 


The first ICJW Women's Research Prize was awarded in 2009 to Béatrice de Gasquet from France for her research project entitled: “Do you ask the women why they don’t go up to the Torah?” Gender as a Political and Ritual Issue in Two French Progressive Synagogues. 

The second ICJW Women's Research Prize was awarded in 2013 to  Dr. Nechama Hadari of the UK, for her research on the issue of Get and Halakhic divorces. The title of her thesis was: “Towards a definition of will in the context of the granting of a halakhic divorce,” and it has also resulted in the publication of a book entitled “The Kosher Get – A Halakhic Story of Divorce.”

We regret that the 2017 Women's Research Prize has been withdrawn.