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terrorism and survival…..

ICJW President, Sharon Gustafson, speaks out:            
Terrorism:  yesterday….another attack.  Last week….another attack.  Last month…another attack.  Last year…another attack.  Whether in Bulgaria, in Israel, in Afghanistan, in Northern Ireland or on an aircraft high above the Earth, terrorism increasingly is a part of our lives.  And terrorism is, whether we choose to see it this way or not, threatening the survival of innocent people around the world.
Survival:  is it a HUMAN RIGHT?  Does it matter whether we are speaking of the survival of an INDIVIDUAL citizen no matter where he or she lives, or the survival of a PEOPLE, or the survival of a COUNTRY.  It is ICJW's belief that SURVIVAL is indeed that most basic of human rights.  We believe that the "right to life and dignity of the human person is fundamental".  We believe that the rights "enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" are indivisible and interdependent and are the basic condition for a just and peaceful world."  The outrageous and unprovoked attack on a bus carrying Israeli tourists in Bulgaria is but the latest in a series of terrorist actions against innocents.  As Jewish women, attacks such as this cause us enormous personal pain.  But as citizens of the world, do we see this attack as more odious than the unprovoked attacks on women and children in Syria or the Sudan?  The truth is that terrorism, wherever it strikes, strikes us all.  To paraphrase an oft-quoted poem by John Donne, "Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee."
Sadly, the Commission on Human Rights sees terrorism  most selectively and generally ignores attacks which are against Israel or Israelis,.  But this fact is in many ways, besides the point.  For us, the salient point must be:  how do WE see it?  And having seen it, what are WE saying about it?  And does it matter where the terrorism attack happens?  Do we speak out?  And if we do not speak out now against terror attacks no matter where they threaten human survival, if in the future WE are the victims of the attack,  will anyone speak out then?
ICJW has a voice in nearly fifty countries around the world.  I urge us all to use it.