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encouraging young people to act for human rights

Norma Anav, ICJW permanent representative to UNESCO and vice-chair of the UNESCO/NGO Human Rights Commission, has accepted the role of chairwoman of a group charged with the responsibility of developing an action project focusing on Action for Human Rights and Education for Citizenship. 

One of the Commission's main tasks is to organize meetings, in cooperation with UNESCO, relating to the themes of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), such as Rights of the Child, Women, Africa and Human Development etc.

While organizing these events, NGOs have noticed a strong wish from young participants for concrete commitments linked with the ideas of UDHR. Keeping this in mind, the NGO’s Human Rights Commission took the initiative to organize a special event in 2013 around Human Rights issues with the presentation of several projects from all around the world.

Norma, in her role as UNESCO/NGO Human Rights Commission vice-chair, wil lead a working group linked with the theme “Education for citizenship” and focus on North America. The project is called “Article 31 – Acting for Human Rights” as the UDHR 30 articles present “rights”. This project is commitment for action.

The Commission’s aim is to organize a major international project to sensitize young people from 15 to 25 years old to the urgency of implementing the UDHR, while encouraging them to develop practical projects. Only 10 projects will be presented to the Selection committee, whereas all the others will be distributed as an information document.