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cooperation feminine 2014 convention: "listen to her voice"

Cooperation Feminine 2014 Convention: "Listen to Her Voice"   

The Cooperation Feminine will host its 2014 Convention on Tuesday March 11, 2014 in Paris on the theme "Listen To Her Voice".
-Evelyne Berdugo, President of the Cooperation Feminine, and Lilianne Picard, Vice President of ICJW for France 
Dvar Torah by Rosine Cohen, Professor of Jewish Thought and teacher at the Bet Hamidrash: Explanation of the verse in Genesis 21: "Listen to Her Voice” 
Panel comprising 4 women representing France and 3 women representing Israel and the USA on the following topics:
1) The Place of women in the Jewish Community by Ada Sadoun, former president of the Jewish Community of Grenoble, and Simone Rodan Benzaken, representative of the American Jewish Committee in France 
2) The Get by Elisabeth Steiner, attorney at law and volunteer at the Paris Consistory for Agunot (women to who the get is denied) and Leah Shakdiel, member of Israeli organization involved in the fight for women’s equality/
This panel will be followed by : 
Liliane Vana, doctor of science of religions, specialist in Hebraic law & talmudist, will talk about "The Status of Women in Halacha: Clearing up Real and False Problems"   
Janine Elkouby, writer, doctor of arts and teacher, will speak about " The Right of Women & Girls To Study" 

Leah Shakdiel will talk about "Teaching Religious Subjects in Jewish Schools"
Rachel Cohen, former director of the Alliance Juive School in Pavillon sur Bois 

Moderator: Evelyn Ascot :   
The Chief Rabbi of Strasbourg and Bas Rhin, Rabbi René Gutman, will speak about the last rabbinic congress and its consequences.   
Claude Riveline, professor at the Ecole des Mines in Paris: "Thank God women are different from men!"   
Conclusion: Joelle Bernheim, psychologist and psychoanalyst: "A Solution to Problems with Respect to Halacha: A Best Hamidrash for Women in Paris"    
After the Convention, a document  will be presented to the Beth Din in Paris and to the media.