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status of women issues, 2014

Report from Penelope Conway, Chair of ICJW’s Status of Women Committee.
Following the ICJW Convention in Prague in May 2014, I visited the offices of Stop The Traffik in London and met with their senior management team. We discussed ways in which we could enhance the relationship between ICJW and STT.
I circulated information on the GIFT Box and their Chocolate Campaign to all Affiliates.  I would be pleased to receive any feedback from members if they have used these resources. I hope to visit STT again later this year.
In the UK an Anti-Slavery Bill is progressing through Parliament and an Anti-Slavery Commissioner is being appointed to oversee its implementation.

STT now also have a campaign regarding tea and are urging people to write to Tetley and another on the supply chain for clothing particularly cotton goods. Details are on their website and I encourage all Affiliates to sign up either individually, or as an organisation to receive their information. 
Marni Besser Vice Chair of Status of Women has contacted all Affiliates to ask about their work against Trafficking following the US Trafficking in Persons Report 2014. Marni will be in New York and able to answer your queries.

One member of the SOW committee sends reports on the objectification of Women and children and another looks at Women’s Health. Another reports on issues around Ageing and one on Poverty.

If you have a particular interest in the Status of Women or any aspect of our work please contact me to join our ‘virtual’ committee.

I hope that as well as Trafficking, SOW will investigate and take action on Women’s Health issues during this Quadrennial as these affect us all whatever age or country.

I will be attending the UN Beijing +20 meetings in Geneva in November and will consider any particular issues that arise there.