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international day of migrants, december 2015

Report by Gabrielle Voignac, ICJW Representative at UNESCO

I am reporting to you on the January 22 meeting at UNESCO for the preparation of the International  Day of Migrants, scheduled for December 2015.

Different projects were on discussion for updating on the organization of the Day. Extension of
participants in Africa and North America was announced.

The day itself is going to give the floor to migrants and their testimonies. Migrants contribute to
enrich the culture of their host countries. They should be proud of the heritage of two cultures.

The main theme in the conclusion of the day is Education in different ways: training in order to avoid undesired migrations, and promotion of cultural diversity as well as social inclusion, education on sustainable development, on ecosystems and their usefulness in our planet. Moreover, preparation to conclusions and recommendations at the end of the Day based on results to the questionnaire sent to national branches of NGOs in 2014.

The ultimate goals of the study point towards solutions helping people to remain in their own
countries and not ending up as migrants.