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condemnation of israel


Madeleine Brecher, ICJW UN NY Representative reports.

On this final day of the UN Commission on the Status of Women meetings in NY, I am sorry to report that the Commission once again adopted its annual political resolution condemning Israel on its treatment of Palestinian women.

The US voted against and delivered a fine statement. The EU and Japan made a statement and abstained. The final vote was:

·         27 Yes
·         2 No
·         13 Abstentions

Lynda Ben-Menashe, ICJW Committee Member Interfaith & Intercultural Committee, adds:

It is with great disappointment, but not a huge amount of surprise, that I would like to comment on the fact that out of nine official documents produced by the CSW, only one of the UN's 193 member nations was mentioned as an 'ongoing violator of women's rights' – Israel. Not one word written about those real violators of women's rights: Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran, Nigeria, etc.

Here is some background as to why this latest example of a truly Orwellian moral inversion comes as no surprise:

The UN is a numbers game. Currently, it has 193 member nations, of whom only 45% are classified as ‘democracies’ by international human rights NGO Freedom House. The largest voting bloc at the UN is the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (57 nations plus Palestine).

Sudan is the current Vice-Chair of the UN's Commission on the Status of Women. Iran is a current member, as are paragons of women’s rights including Bangladesh, Egypt, Uganda, et al. No wonder there was no word about Sudan or Iran or Saudi. With this built-in imbalance, there is no way the conclusions produced by the Commission can be anything but biased.

So when it concludes that Israel, which just last week elected a record number of women (including Arab women) to its parliament, is the world's worst (and only named) violator of women's rights, I think we need to take a step back and reach for a giant pinch of salt. Perhaps a Dead Sea full of salt!