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edirne great synagogue in turkey reopened

ICJW has no affiliate in Turkey, but Georgian representative Marine Solomonishvili attended the opening of the Great Synagogue in Edirne, Turkey, on 26 March 2015 to mark its restoration. 

The Directorate General of Foundations of the Republic of Turkey restored the historic Büyük Synagogue (the Great Synagogue) in Edirne’s Kaleiçi Village.
"The synagogue will be both a museum and place of worship, like the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne which is a museum for tourists but a place of worship for Muslims. After restoring two churches we have restored the Great Synagogue to open it for Jews after many years," said Foundations Director General Adnan Erdem. 

The synagogue built in 1907, located in Kaleiçi Village in the Marmara region, lost its ceiling and its side wall in 1997 .The Great Synagogue was built after 13 synagogues burnt down in 1907. The wrecked synagogue has a capacity of 1,200 people. There are two domes, one on a sidewall of the main room says Edirne Governor Mustafa Büyük, adding that the many mosques and Christian and Jewish worship houses brought cultural richness to Edirne. We believe there will be many people traveling to Edirne to see the Great Synagogue.

Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Bülent Arınc, Foundations Director General Adnan Erdem, Edirne Governor Mustafa Büyük, and many community representatives from other official structures of Turkey, Turkish Jewish Community and different Jewish community representatives of world countries.
P.S. The  Israeli Consul General in Istanbul Mordehai Amihai, who visited Edirne in December 2014, said he loved the city and that his grandfather used to live there. He said all Jews would be pleased to see the restored synagogue.