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the 29th human rights council

Mary Liling, ICJW representative to the UN in Geneva, reports:

Leonie, Rachel and I will be extremely busy the following 3 weeks of the 29th Human Rights Council, both physically and psychologically. Rachel, who has grassroots experience with Migrant Women, as VP of the Geneva Center for Women Refugees and Asylum Seekers-Camarada,  here she teaches French to newly arrived migrants, has given up her classes for 3 weeks in order to fully represent ICJW during the HRC. She is organizing a side event with other women’s NGOs on the topic "Migrant Women and Development" on June 24. 

On Wednesday June 17, after the NGO meeting with the High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, we will rush off to the Israeli Mission to attend the briefing of Ambassador Aviatar Manor concerning the HRC and certainly the fact-finding inquiry on Gaza. Jewish NGOs meet regularly with the Israeli ambassador on relevant issues that concern us all. 

According to Ambassador Manor, there are 2 kinds of Jewish NGO’s: the more vocal, political ones such as Bnai Brith, WJC, UN Watch, and those that work long-term on specific issues, such as women’s rights, which are a great help to Israel in a more indirect way. When Léonie and I introduced ICJW, we said that we are from the second category of Jewish NGOs, and that we have close ties with Ruth Kaddari, one of the 23 experts of CEDAW. 

We will be attending the opening of the HRC Plenary and the round-table event at the UNESCO office: "Countering Intolerance and Discrimination through Education- Challenges and Prospects". We will also attend the launch of the book of Zehavit Gross (“As the Witnesses Fall Silent: 21st Century Holocaust Education”).