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icjw latin american regional conference 2015

The ICJW Latin American Regional Conference was held in Mexico City in October 2015, hosted by ICJW affiliate organisation Voluntarias Judeo Mexicanas. The VJM members, resplendent in their red jackets, were excellent hosts, having organised a thought - provoking series of lectures for the three day event, a gala opening night with superb display dancing by a young Mexican Jewish dance group, a guided visit to the Museum of Memory and   Tolerance and outstanding kosher meals each day.

The conference was attended by ICJW Executive members and affiliate members from twelve countries, seven of them in the Latin American region. Interpretation Spanish/ English was provided throughout the conference and was of a high standard. The Conference meetings were held at the huge complex of the Mexican Jewish community building, high quality facilities were donated free of charge to VJM.  

The theme of the conference was 'The Challenge to Jewish Women in the 21st C entury ' and this topic was the core of the specialist sessions presented.

The conference was followed by a two-day ICJW Executive meeting. As well as ICJW business sections there was an emphasis on ICJW's work in the field of Interfaith, Intercultural relations, and a special session on the invaluable work of the Tennessee Holocaust Commission.