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hrc focus on human rights in burundi

Rachel Babecoff, ICJW Representative at UN Geneva is organising an ICJW side event for 31st Human Rights Commission meeting in March 2016.

ICJW is co-organizing this event with another Ngo, Bangwe and Dialogue, founded by a Burundian Lady, ex-Ambassador to the UN, who was accepted in Switzerland as a refugee 20 years ago, during the slaughter in Rwanda and Burundi, Mrs Colette Samoya.

Rachel has already been working with her on several side-events organized by the Migration working group that she co-chairs, and she is a member of the ONG CSW in Geneva.
Our theme is: Women and Migration in Burundi, with special focus on human rights defenders in exile (in this case, fighting for freedom of expression).

We have three confirmed panellsts, all women, all journalist, all in exile (from Rwanda and Belgium) and all in charge of different radio stations, well-known in the diaspora and international press.

We also contacted people working on the African Great Lakes in the UN (Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Refugee Agency) in order to have them support our side-event.

Last but not least, we need now to contact some selected missions (Switzerland, Belgium, Rwanda etc) and visit them in order to get some money.

It is extremely important for us, a Jewish organization, to defend human rights (in this case : freedom of expression, human right defenders - especially women, and migration) and work together with other NGOs.

What’s going on in Burundi nowadays is a real war, based on racial discrimination, that as Jews, we all know too well…