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report on csw60

The past seven months at the NGO Committee on the Status of Women, New York were consumed with planning for the annual Commission on the Status of Women deliberations from March 14-24, 2016. These months of preparation are required to organize for the thousands of NGO representatives who come to New York to network, showcase their parallel events, receive advocacy training, discuss regional and country priority issues, and set meetings with governments to influence the final outcome document which is produced at the end of the Commission meetings. 

The two well-received ICJW parallel events were entitled: Women in Politics: Successes, Failures and Challenges and Protect our Girls: Sexualization, Exploitation and the Media. It’s always thrilling to take part in the planning and to sit back on March 25th glowing in the fact that all our hard work was worth it!!!

ICJW’s seven delegates prepared excellent briefing reports covering highlights of the two week session which were distributed in an office mailing a few weeks ago. In case you missed the informative summaries, please go to this link on the ICJW website and be impressed:

Annual resolution entitled “Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women”

Each year, to the dismay of Israel, its supporters and the Jewish NGOs in New York, a resolution entitled “Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women” is adopted on the final morning of the CSW session. Despite aggressive outreach by the Israeli mission to other member states, the CSW platform was once again hijacked by the Palestinians and the G77, and the language in the final resolution was, sadly, much stronger than ever before. The Commission vote was 20 in favor, 2 opposed (the U.S. and Israel) and 11 abstentions (most of the Western nations). 

For those who wish to read the ECOSOC resolution, type in your browser: You come to eSubscriptions to the UN Documents site. In the browser in the upper left corner of the eSubscriptions site, add to UNdocs the following: /E/CN.6/2016/L.3 and click ENTER.

It is too late to take any further action this year since the Resolution is now a fait accompli. However, ICJWs UN delegates in NY will begin discussions with other NGOs in June to determine what strategies, if any, we might take to break the cycle of attacks against Israel at CSW61.