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report on the ngo working groups on girls (wgg)

Reported by Judy Mintz, ICJW representative

At the January meeting of WGG members voted to create an advocacy strategy based on three key issues to be used during Mission visits and meetings with women ambassadors. Those selected from a long list of choices were girls’ education in a safe and non-discriminatory environment, support of girls in humanitarian crises and the end of violence against girls.

Another goal of WGG is to share important information that impacts the lives of girls around the world. In February the meeting was dedicated to an eye-opening presentation commemorating the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilations (FGM). We were reminded of the horrors of this traditional cultural coming of age ritual affecting girls world wide including the Caribbean, Africa, India, Indonesia and even in the US.

The April meeting was dedicated to a recap of CSW 60 with an emphasis on WGG events-a Teen Orientation, Girls at the Table (about participation in National Action Plans based around the SDGs), and the Girls Advocacy Roundtable- open only to girl advocates. WGG encouraged us to attend all CSW sessions about girls including ICJW’s Protect our Girls: Sexualization, Exploitation and the Media.

We are always reminded “girls are the most left behind group in the world.”