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report on the ngo committee on unicef

Reported by Judy Mintz, ICJW representative

In February at the Annual Meeting of the General Membership we received updates about the SDGs and their impact on children. UNICEF remains concerned with climate change at all levels, violence against children and the importance of sharing lessons learned. The committee also urged increased funding for emergency humanitarian actions.

CRC: Convention on the Rights of the Child
The US is the ONLY nation that hasn’t ratified the CRC. UNICEF is calling on President Obama to send the Convention to the Senate for ratification. As individuals we are also encouraged to use our voices! The CRC protects children, defines their rights and holds governments accountable. It is the most widely accepted human rights treaty in history.

Current UNICEF campaigns include:

UNICEF’s Fight Unfair Campaign (#FightUnfair) Unfair is nearly 160 million children who live in drought zones and Unfair is ½ billion children who live in flood zones.
“For every child a fair chance”

UNICEF’s EndViolence Campaign is “making the invisible visible”.
Every 5 minutes somewhere in the world a child dies as a result of violence and that the solution is in our hands. We must protect children from violence, exploitation and abuse (both physical and mental.)