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world environment day – 5 june 2016

On Sunday 5 June we observe World Environment Day (WED). Established by the United Nations to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the protection of the environment, WED is now celebrated in over 100 countries. WED encourages all people to become involved in action to protect the environment.

This year’s theme, “Go Wild for Life”, focuses on the on the illegal trade in wildlife. Angola, as this year’s host for World Environment Day, has announced action to halt wildlife crime in order to safeguard its natural heritage and help protect Southern Africa’s rich biodiversity. These commitments have been welcomed by international organisations and conservation groups.

The International Council of Jewish Women marks WED with its recent support for the Divestment Movement, the movement to remove financial support from fossil fuels and reinvest in renewable energy. This direction was affirmed at ICJW’s Executive Meeting, held in Nashville, USA In May.

A Day of Prayer and Action for People and the Planet – 12 June 2016

Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust is a worldwide, multi-faith day of prayer and action for the planet. Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust takes place six months after the Paris Agreement was reached. On 12 June, communities of different faiths from all around the globe will come together to bless the earth, and call for world leaders to commit to a 1.5 degree limit on global temperature rise.

The Paris Agreement is a first step, but it must be followed by strong action.  The current commitments to reduce emissions condemn us to an extremely dangerous 2.7°C increase. But experts and activists are arguing for 1.5°C as a safer upper limit. The seemingly small difference of 1.2°C would prevent over 100 million people becoming homeless due to droughts, floods, sea level rise and devastating storms.

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Submitted by Dr Anne Morris,

Chair, Environment and Sustainable Development, ICJW