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2016 report from the icjw status of women committee

Penelope Conway, Chair of the ICJW Status of Women Committee reports that, like most ICJW committees, they are a ‘virtual’ committee communicating by email and occasionally Skype.

Our 3 main areas of interest this year have been:
  • Human Trafficking
  • Sexualisation of women and girls by the media
  • Women's Health
Since the last executive meeting, Rachel Ornoy from Canada has joined the committee. Rachel has a particular concern about Human Trafficking and organised an event on this topic in Toronto last week.

Laurel Ginges from Australia continues to report on campaigns to combat the sexualisation of girls and women in the media. She would love to hear from anyone who knows about organisations in their own country doing this work. In the UK we have UK Feminista and in Australia there is Collective Shout.

Harriet Maler from Sweden looked at the incidence of particular genes BRCA 1 and 2 in the causation of breast cancer particularly in Jewish Women and the article was circulated in the President's Newsletter.

I have been in contact recently with Stop The Traffik and am now involved in the organisation of Freedom Sunday and Freedom Shabbat for 2017 in the UK. I am hoping that the resources we produce can be used all over Europe and the world. I have been asked to compose a short review article about ICJW for the Freedom Sunday website. 

The date of Freedom Sunday & Freedom Shabbat next year will be Oct 14/15 2017, when it is hoped that all churches and synagogues will include information about Human Trafficking in their services and add special prayers and readings.  The Council of Christians and Jews are also intending to hold a Freedom Seder with high profile guests, since Pesach is a commemoration of our freedom from slavery in Israel.