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new associate member: namibia

Daphne Miller, Vice Chair of Sub-Sahara Africa, reports on the recognition of  Namibia as a new A ssociate Member of ICJW.

Maggie Edmunds is the ICJW representative in Namibia, and she is  enthusiastic and takes their membership of ICJW seriously.  She is involved in a number of projects, in particular:

- A community outreach Drama programme to underprivileged primary schools using material from Chabad childrens' stories, to impart moral values from the Torah and give the children a taste of acting.

- A Creative Arts Workshop for underprivileged children (8-14 year olds). The concept of children's creative arts during the Holocaust will be introduced to create an awareness of the Holocaust. This is done with the support of the Cape Town Holocaust Centre.

ICJW newsletters are distributed where possible at community functions, the shul and they are looking at having appropriate posters printed which will be ICJW branded.

When Maggie visited her daughter at the University of Cape Town, she was able to attend the Gala Dinner in honour of the 175th anniversary of the founding of the South African Jewish Community. The keynote speaker at this event was Rabbi Efraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi of Britain and the Commmonwealth. Since Maggie was a guest of the community, she and Daphne had an opportunity to chat with the Chief Rabbi about both the UJW and the ICJW.