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ujw helps rehabilitate israel's forests

Responding quickly to the fires in Israel, the Union of Jewish Women raised money for the JNF for the r ehabilitation of forests in the Neveh Ilan region.

The JNF was absolutely thrilled with the donation given by UJW to help rehabilitate the forests in the Neveh Ilan region which were so badly affected by the recent fires. 

Dear Lynne and all members and branches of the Union of Jewish Women

I am overwhelmed with gratitude by the rallying of your branches, who have come forward in unity to assist our sacred Holy Land.

A blow to Israel is a blow to us all and watching our beloved Israel going up in smoke, assisted by many arson attacks has touched us deeply, but the ladies of the UJW went one step further and dug deep into their pockets to assist in a tangible way.

You are not ladies of sentiment and kind thoughts, but women of valour who take action and make a practical better world.

Our most grateful thanks for your extremely generous donation that will assist in the rehabilitation effort of our forests in the Neveh Ilan region.

South African Jewry has done us proud with this call for help and the Union of Jewish Women has given the single biggest gift toward this essential campaign.

A greener future is in these donations!

Thank you
Amber Cummins
National Director, Jewish National Fund of South Africa