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women exploring jewish wisdom and new possibilities in tel aviv

International Council of Jewish Women

Jerusalem Seminar for Jewish Education

In memory of Rosita and Esteban de Herczeg

Tel Aviv, Israel – May 14-17, 2017

Striving For the Highest: From Ideals to Reality in Israel

Women Exploring Jewish Wisdom and New Possibilities

“Women who stand alone often feel invisible, but women who stand together are truly invincible!” – powerful words from Cosima Schenk, President of the European Council of the International Council of Women, and guest of honour at the International Council of Jewish Women’s Educational Seminar held in Tel Aviv.  

The International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW) is an umbrella organisation representing Jewish women and women's organisations in 35 countries. ICJW  has consultative status at the United Nations as an NGO, representing women’s interests on ECOSOC and at UN NGO meetings in New York, Geneva, Vienna and Paris.

The Herczeg Educational Seminar organised by  ICJW President Robyn Lenn OAM brought together 70 women community leaders and activists from 14 countries to explore how Israeli society is grappling with issues of human rights, social justice and the environment. 

Its purpose was to showcase examples of best practice that Jewish communities can learn from and share, particularly when defending Israel against critics in their own countries. Groups of participants came from Switzerland, Poland,  UK, Australia, South Africa, United States, Canada, Bulgaria, Georgia, Slovakia, Russia,  Ukraine, Czech Republic, with delegates from the Israel Council of Women’s Organisations.

The seminar speakers included representatives from the women’s peace movement, Professor Rassem Khamaisi from the University of Haifa’s Jewish-Arab center, refugee spokesman Mutasim Ali, migration lawyer Jean-Marc Liling, Levi Lauer from ATZUM, TAU’s Professor Daphna Hacker, Rabba Tamar Elad Applebaum from Kehilat Zion, Lilach Tzur from Turning the Tables, and representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The seminar ended with a performance of ‘Prayer of the Mothers’ by singer and women’s rights campaigner Yael Deckelbaum.