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reporting on anti-semitism around the world

Nadine Iarchy, ICJW's Chair of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Racism, reports on recent events around the world.

My last report from November 2016 was rather pessimistic and I can’t say I have changed my mind since then.

All over the world, elections have a strange anti Jew character. From the Unites States through Europe we read and hear some curious rumours. Those are usually a pretext to action against synagogues, Jewish cultural centers, cemeteries and even people.
Yes, governments are saying they will not accept anti Semitism, but the results are rather skimpy.

The war in Syria and the Israeli involvement do not help the Jewish image.

In Belgium, where I am more involved of course, we had a huge discussion in Parliament about shehita, ritual slaughter. The main reason was a question from the Green party requiring a painless death for animals, it had repercussions in Jewish and Muslim communities. The result is a complete prohibition of ritual slaughter as of 2019. 

As you can imagine, reactions from religious parties were huge and discussions not always very polite! For the moment, this resolution is not valid for the entire European market, so Jewish Belgium will probably only have imported meat. And the same will happen to Muslims. The only ones who will have serious problems with that decision are the farmers….