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introducing the social justice online course

Chana Berlowitz, ICJW Life Member, introduced the Bea Zucker Memorial Session Panel on “Today’s Global Refugee Dilemma” at the ICJW Herczeg Seminar, paying tribute to Bea Zucker and highlighting the new ICJW Online Social Justice Course named in her honour. 

"It is a great privilege for me to be chairing the Bea Zucker Memorial Session today.  The memory of this remarkable woman is cherished, not only by her children Gabrielle and Olivier Zucker who are generously sponsoring this session, but by all of us who knew and admired her during her lifetime. Her devotion to ICJW was boundless and her dedication to encouraging young women to work with this organization was strong and persistent. It is through her drive that the Bea Zucker on-line studies were initiated. Originally geared to increasing the Jewish knowledge of our then new Eastern Europe affiliate members, they are now a source of inspiration and strength in our Jewish heritage for members/indeed for women worldwide. 

The Online Learning Program

"As you (should) know, the Bea Zucker On-line Learning Program consists of explanations and discussions on the 54 weekly Torah readings from a feminist perspective, the course on Biblical Women, the course on Jewish Festivals as well as the Calendar Study Series.  It also contains a series on Jewish Women’s Life Cycle Events, written by myself in the years when I was Chair of the Education Committee, and lastly Food for Jewish Thought which Rina Cohen, present Chair, has written under the title Jewish Sources underlying ICJW Policy Priorities.  Through the untiring efforts of Vera Kronenberg, together with the meticulous overview of Prof. Dr. Zvi Zohar, our former author Dr. Bonna Haberman of blessed memory opened a new window on their meaning to us as Jewish women. We cherish her memory as well. 
"We have now commenced on an exciting new course entitled Women’s Response to Refugees as part of the new Bea Zucker Online Social Justice Causes, and I am proud to announce that this series written by Rabbi Dr. Meesh Hammer Kossoy is up and running. I will not discuss this course – read it for yourselves and your lives will be enriched. For further elucidation you can refer to Rina’s Food for Jewish thought, where she brings Jewish sources on the issue of strangers and refugees.   

The Social Justice Course

The new Bea Zucker Online Social Justice Course explains Torah ideas that can lead to and inspire action, based on ICJW’s policy and programming priorities  The course seeks to engage with relevant and inspiring materials that connect current feminist fieldwork in areas such as trafficking, women’s health, aging, equal pay, etc. as well as general issues, such as the environment, interfaith encounters, and human rights, to Jewish tradition and ritual. The series will empower people to observe a Jewish lifestyle with passionate commitment to feminist social justice and action.   

The first Social Justice course by Rabbi Meesh Hammer-Kossoy, Ph.D. is entitled 
“Hearing Her Cry: A Women’s Response to the Refugee Crisis” 
with 4 units available in both English and Spanish. (Thanks to Sara Winkowski for translating the course.) The English version can be accessed via the links below. The Spanish version (as well as the English) can also be found here.