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un world day against trafficking in persons.

On Sunday July 30 we commemorate the UN World Day against Trafficking in Persons.

Trafficking has been an issue of concern to ICJW since its formation in 1912. Our organisation and several ICJW affiliates in different countries are supporters of STOP THE TRAFFIK campaign. We also have Rita Fishman as ICJW special representative at the UN in New York, sitting on the committees which work to inform and educate against this scourge.

We have signed onto relevant petitions such as the ALLIANCE TO END SLAVERY AND TRAFFICKING and attended sessions at the Commission on Status of Women 2017 which were very pertinent to this global problem. ICJW Representatives regularly attend sessions and meetings about trafficking and report to us.

At ICJW’s Herczeg Seminar in Israel two months ago we heard an excellent  panel on the topic The Scourge of International Trafficking.

Unfortunately there seem to be no easy answers for eradicating trafficking in today’s society. However awareness of both trafficking for forced labour and for sexual exploitation, now estimated at 21 million people globally, is something we should all maintain in our daily lives as trafficked victims can be found in every country and city in the world.