Social Justice Course

Feminist Social Action-Based Inspiration for Jewish Interpersonal Ethics by Rabbi Meesh Hammer-Kossoy, Ph.D.

Rabbi Dr Meesh Hammer Kossoy explains Torah ideas based on ICJW’s policy and programming priorities. This Online Social Justice Course explains Torah ideas that can lead to and inspire action, based on ICJW’s policy and programming priorities. The series comprises study materials that addresses women’s concerns and offer suggestions about the relevance of classic Jewish sources to our current lives and choices. Each unit includes discussion questions, study links, ideas for action, and summaries.

Click here to access the Social Justice Courses in English and in Spanish:

1. “Hearing Her Cry: A Women’s Response to the Refugee Crisis”

Escucha Nuestro Clamor:  La respuesta Femenina a la Crisis de los Refugiados.

2. “Prostitution & Human Trafficking – a Feminist Jewish Perspective”

Prostitución y Tráfico de Personas – Una Visión Feminista Judía

3.  #MeToo and Sexual Harassment: Navigating Our Shared Responsibility

#MeToo y Acoso SexualLa Responsabilidad Compartida